More Than Batteries Bro stock some of the more common digital camera flashes for Nikon and Canon DSLR / Digital Cameras. Below you will find our range of Nissin Digital camera flash units. Some are not listed so please send us a message if you are looking for a specific flash unit for your camera and we will assist with pleasure.

Nissin Digital is one of Japan's leading manufacturers of electronic flash units.
They have supplied high quality lighting to the worldwide photographic industry for almost 50 years.

Nissin has maintained exceptional quality standards with their studio lighting equipment and remains an industry leader after over 50 years in business. More about Nissin Digital

Nissin Di-700 Air Canon

Nissin Di 700 Air - Canon
  • Maximum output of GN54 at 200mm
  • Supports high-speed synchronization

Nissin Di-700 Air Nikon

  • Maximum output of GN54 at 200mm
  • Supports high speed sync

Nissin i40 Camera Flash - Fuji

  • Guide no : 40 (iso100)
  • Wireless TTL Slave
  • LED Video Light -9Step