MTBB stocks the Velbon range of photographic tripods including the DV, EX and V Series tripods and mini tripods.

Velbon Manufacture and design tripods and photographic equipment, Import/export the equipment and perform R&D and OEM of tripods and photographic equipment. They are one of the leading suppliers in their field, and produce many of the tripods and other support equipment used by top professional photographers. More about Velbon


Velbon DV7000

  • Fluid Pan and Tilt Head
  • Max Height - 162cm
  • Max Weight - 6KG
  • Carry Bag Included

Velbon EX888 Series Tripod

Velbon EX888 Series Tripod
  • Velbon EX888 Series Tripod

Velbon V438 Tri-Pod

  • Max Height - 153cm
  • Max Weight - 2.0KG
  • Carry Case Included